Prototype, test, sleep, and repeat!


Note: Julian, Jess and Jasmine are all parents so we are each splitting our time between caring commitments and working on the game. This means we only have 2-3 days each week to work on Momento, we are dedicated to making the best game possible but this limitation will mean production may take longer than usual. 

Current Goal: Get a prototype done! 💪

Happy Halloween 👻 - we hope you had a very spooky time! We have been busy, busy, busy in the past month or so getting ready to announce some exciting news (so keep your eyes peeled!). I’ve kind of forgotten what’s happened over the last few weeks as it’s all become a super fast blur! I’ve only just realised it’s been a few months since we last shared a dev log! 😱

Here’s what’s been happening:

  • We went to GCAP in Melbourne and met a lot of really cool people and listened to some game development talks. A lot of social networking.
  • We made some new rooms! You may have seen one or two of them on social media if you follow us but here’s a little peek below.
  • Interactable objects! Yes you can turn lights off and on (and potentially even more!)
  • Lots of prototyping work on the core systems.
  • Other super secret stuff 👀
Research Lab, what will you be studying?
A recreation of my college dorm room...please don't judge haha

What are we doing:


  • So many art assets
  • So many rooms
  • Art for marketing
  • More grant applications


  • Making objects interactable
  • Object animations
  • Room building systems
  • Creating Game Dev Systems


  • Lighting for all the rooms
  • Making art assets
  • Tech art shaders/particles
  • First narrative build

Thank you for your support! Keep an eye out for more exciting updates from us soon!


Jasmine, Jess, and Julian

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