Momento 🧸 is flat out like a lizard drinking!


Note: Julian, Jess and Jasmine are all parents so we are each splitting our time between caring commitments and working on the game. This means we only have 3-4 days each week to work on Momento, we are dedicated to making the best game possible but this limitation will mean production may take longer than usual.

Current Goal: Prepare a build for GDC.

We are back, everyone! We’ve been back for a little while now, but January was so flat out with deadlines and back-to-back illnesses that newsletters and blogs kind of got left by the sidewalk for a second. Amazing news: Momento has over 78,000 wishlists on steam which is INSANE! We couldn’t have done it without the amazing community around us.

What’s been happening?

  • Preparing to head to GDC in San Francisco in March
  • Trying to dodge daycare sickness bullet-hell
  • Ticking off grant milestones and funding applications
  • Prototyping UI items and task-lists
  • Mind Mapping progression and story paths
  • Reimagining clutter systems and decoration

As you can see, there’s been a lot on our plate so we’ve been a little quiet on socials as of late. We’re really hoping to focus on production this year and nail down the narrative so it can be locked in. We are hoping this means we’ll have lots of content to show when we do have the time though!

What are we doing:

  • Interval Puzzle art
  • Polishing GDC Build art
  • UI art clean up
  • Tutorial book concept


  • Creating SFX lists
  • Implementing SFX and VFX for UI
  • Tutorial implementation 
  • Task-list and item description design fixes


  • Narrative item art creation
  • Rewrite item and task-list descriptions
  • Lighting improvements and implementation for interval puzzles
  • Plotting out story trees and story paths

Thank you for your support! We hope to show you more soon!


Jess and the Momento Team

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