Momento went to GDC !


Current Goal: Experiment and playtest choice and narrative mechanics.

I’m back from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco! It was a wild time. I met so many super cool people, listened to a lot of informative talks, showcased the Momento demo at the Australian GDC Reception, and lost my passport 😱 (don’t worry I found it again!). 😮‍💨

Here’s Momento and I at the bar, just grabbing a drink together at the Australian GDC Reception y’know. 🍻

We also got Screen Australia funding recently as announced here! 🎉👯

So now that I’m back, we’re doing a huge overhaul to our build, implementing new systems and experimenting with some new mechanics. ⚙️ We have a few design choices to figure out and a whole overarching narrative to implement, and a lot of assets to make. You know when you want to share your ideas but you don’t want to give anything away?? That’s my current conundrum right now, writing to you. 👀 Thus, unfortunately we don’t have a lot of new things to show you right now but I can share some art from the past couple of months! 🖼️

An example of one of the smaller levels
The lab at night with the concept of notifications!

What’s been going on? It has been a bit slower this month due to the team being away from the office for GDC and parenting commitments.


  • Concepting UI for game play systems.
  • Concepting new gameplay mechanics.


  • Refactoring prototype systems into proper game code.
  • Prototyping new gameplay mechanics.


  • Mapping out narrative story branches.
  • Concepting narrative endings.
  • Designing overarching narrative.

Hope you have a very fine day!

All the love, 😍

Jess and the Momento Team

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