Momento wishes you a Happy Pride Month 🌈


How are you? 🌈 Happy Pride Month! 🌈 I can’t believe it’s already midway through the year, time is just FLYING🪁 We have a lot of things happening for us - all good things - but it really makes the days and weeks just blur together! 😱

Here’s what we’ve been up to this month!


  • Continued development on Creative Mode
  • Designing and testing the best way to present the UI for object selection
  • Drawers and cupboards close and open now!
  • Improved automatic placement system for objects and furniture
(A room I made in our Creative Mode! Look at that Ivy 😍)


  • Conceptualizing UI for Creative Mode
  • Finished up a few more rooms 👀
  • QA on existing art assets for consistency
  • Designed some stickers to give away during in-person festivals!


  • Creating Twine demos to plan out our story paths
  • Experimenting with potential relationship branches depending on what objects are kept or thrown away 👀
  • Developing supporting characters further
  • Conceptualizing lighting direction for different time of days
(This is a concept of how these characters might be shown in the game - as sketches that change as the player character grows older. 👀👀)
(Here’s an example of our sunset lighting setup! Honestly I really love all of them so it’s so hard to choose which one to show. 🌄☀️)

Hope the rest of your week goes really well and that our newest update gives you some excitement! ✨

All the love, 🥰👋

Jess and the Momento Team

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