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Note: Julian, Jess and Jasmine are all working part-time at the moment. We are working towards securing funding to allow us to go full time but in the meantime we each only have 1-2 days a week available to work on the game.

Current Goal: Secure funding, so that the Momento team can work full time towards releasing the game. We are all currently part time due to financial reasons but we are working hard to get everything ready for grant applications and potentially a kickstarter. is coming soon! Plus we are working on getting our steam page online so stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks.

Here’s what we have been working on this week:


  • posted new tiktok about new room sneak peek
  • Polished new room background, furniture and objects
  • Rough draft of Momento's branding assets for Steam and Website


  • Worked on story design mechanics and prototyping
  • Worked on writing store page descriptions and website design
  • Added new room to engine
  • Researched other games in genre and completed analysis on them for Steam page


  • Currently away on maternity leave looking after adorable little Isabelle until the end of June. She will be returning to help work on the art, design, and story of Momento from July onwards!

Thanks so much for your support!

- Jasmine, Julian and Jess

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