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Journey through a life where the objects you choose, influence the life you lead.
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Momento is a cozy room decorator with a twist. Decorate your room however you wish, choose which items are important to you and discover what your choices mean for the life you lead.


  • Multiple endings, every choice impacts where you will end up in life.
  • Decorate your rooms however you want. You have complete control over how you decorate your room. There is no wrong answer.
  • Relaxing gameplay with no timers or point scores.
  • Hidden Puzzles to discover in every room.
  • Share your creations with the world with photo mode.
Childs bedroom
University Dorm room at night
Research Lab with messy desk
Witches Cabin in the woods
Space station bedroom with objects floating in zero G


Jasmine Phillips


Jess Lyon


Julian Beiboer



A wall of posters, pictures, and art.More posts...